Real Estate in Serbia
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Urbanization is a megatrend of the future. It is being driven by increased connectivity. By 2050, more than 60% of the world's population will live in cities. These changes, combined with rapid growth, require new infrastructural planning. More energy-efficient buildings, new transport concepts and the reduction of pollution and waste must be considered. Especially young emerging nations like Serbia are thinking about these trends and are becoming increasingly attractive also for foreign investors in Serbian real estate.

In many west European countries, there is an increasing trend among older people to look for new housing and living concepts. While in recent years there has been a great deal of interest in real estate in Spain, Austria or Switzerland, in future people will also be thinking more about buying real estate in the Balkans, especially in Serbia. When deciding on real estate, legal certainty will be the most important factor. A foreigner must be able to acquire ownership rights to condominiums and apartment buildings like a citizen of the Republic of Serbia. There must be clear price advantages in real estate compared to the respective home country. Serbia should continue to have large price and cost advantages when comparing costs with most Central European countries. However, investors in real estate want a high quality of location and quality of life. The Balkans and Serbia are likely to become increasingly attractive for tourists who come to appreciate the country. Over the last few years, the city of Belgrade has delivered convincing approaches to actively address deficits in urban planning and infrastructure. These approaches go hand in hand with the strengthening of Belgrade as a European tourism destination and its importance as a central business location in Southeast Europe, with increasing international relevance.

The growing interest in Belgrade as a cultural location enables the city to project a positive and culturally valuable image beyond the region to Europe and the world. Interesting factors for quality of life and leisure are developing Serbia has a high stock of old and new buildings that make renovations worthwhile. It is not only the renovation market that offers prospects. If cultural and tourism concepts as well as infrastructure concepts remain successful, this should have a positive effect on the construction and housing market and be able to attract many new foreign investors.